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1337Con is the The Leet Hacking Conference and India's first Hacking Conference going to happen in Northeast India, for Cyber Security experts and researchers to reveal the latest and relatively arcane ways of attack and defence in new media entities i.e. computers, internet, mobile and electronic systems with focus of Cryptography and Mobile systems.

This conference is planned in such a way to spread the responsiveness of data information and security between the young IT professionals, software engineer's, students.

The Leet Hacking Conference will be held 11-Oct-2015 at the Maurya Hotel, Patna, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Conference officially kicks off at 9:00 AM and ends by 6:00 PM.
You can register online using the handy online portal. Visit Register now to book your tickets now.

The cost of the 1337 Conference varies based on whether you are a Indian Infosec Consortium(IIC) member, National Security Database (NSD) member, a student or nonmember corporate. 1337Con offers a discounted rate of tickets for IIC, NSD members and students.

IIC, NSD, Students: Rs. 5000/-

Corporate: Rs. 8000/-

Yes, all refreshments and conference lunches have been carefully selected to offer you the best in banqueting. Check the schedule for times.
We have special discounts for the corporate and group of more than 5 people. To avail the discount and for all your query for group discounts you have to contact to our sales team Head Mr. Anand +91-9006481602, +91-8750393505, +91-9006481602 or write us [email protected]
Once your registration has been received, a registration confirmation notice will be sent to you via email within two days (Monday-Saturday). Please verify that your email address is entered correctly on the registration form.
Yes, you may register onto workshops on site and our registration personnel will be happy to help you.

Call for papers are open to represent during our workshop sessions, and events track. You can submit your research papers. For more information about our selection criteria and how to apply, visit cfp page.

You can also email your submission papers on [email protected]

The dress code at the conference is Casual, comfortable attire for speakers and attendees.

If you are going to present your research in conference, required equipments like laptop, other gadgets etc must be arranged by yourself.
It would be a war of empires in Cyberworld where each participating team would have a set of vulnerable software resources and websites in their digital fortress which they would have to safeguard while attempting to bring down the other‘s. The last team standing wins the battle.

Win over $2000 in competition

Feel free to email [email protected]. One of our conference gurus would be glad to help you with whatever you need!

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