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This security-cum-hack conference attempts to reveal the latest and relatively arcane ways of attack and defence in new media entities i.e. computers, internet, mobile and electronic systems with focus of Cryptography and Mobile systems. While cryptography governs the 101 of security of data at rest or in motion ; Mobile Security has apparently become very significant in quotidian lives of everyone in recent decades- because our banking data, our social networks or our personal lives - all of it exists on our mobiles now a days. As we make a transition from conventional to electronic media where every iota of significant data is available online and where wars are fought on cyberspace and where information can be and is widely used as a weapon against us, the security of cyberSpace and related mobile gadgets is of pivotal importance - this is precisely the focal point of this 1337con.

Through this conference, We are also attempting to revitalize a Phoenix - a Phoenix which stands as a witness of the administration of Mauryas and the valor of Ashoka; that stands as a witness of immense intellect that flew through Nalanda to the world and the witness of the Golden Age of Gupta that innovated the arts, science, mathematics and architecture of the world. We are trying to revitalize the spirit of ancient Patliputra... by attempting to foster the quest of knowledge through our International Conference on Ethical hacking


From zero to approximation of pie, Indeterminate Equations or Algebra or from Motion of solar system to Heliocentrism and eclipses - the great Indian Mathematician Aryabhatta's contribution was unsurpassable. 1337Con would celebrate his spirit of discovery through this track. Talks in this track would reflect the innovation - A new vulnerability, a new way of exploitation, a new approach to ameliorate the existing security. Read More!!

Nalanda is the oldest university known university of the world. Though its centuries are for more remote but its fame is till shining with undiminished grandeur. 1337Con would attempt to celebrate the spirit of learning this great university once aimed to propagate throughout the world. Read More!!

Dedicated to the first emperor in history who claimed the title of “The Great”. 1337con exploit track would vivisect the existing vulnerabilities that have culminated in large scale compromise of government, corporate or LEA data or The papers in this track would unravel an international cyber terrorism or espionage operations. Read More!!

Details Source: The Hacker News (THN)

1337con salutes the genius who singlehandedly eradicated a huge empire and laid the foundations of Polity and Economics through his time - defying classics of “artha-saastra” and “Chankya-niti”. To him we dedicate this track which would bring the Cyber administration authorities in the government along with the corporate industry experts and the famed hackers on the same platform to understand each other’s challenges and help invent an unified concurrent solution over a period of time for better security administration over a period of time. Read More!!

1. The Brain-Game : It would be an “onsite” war of empires in Cyberworld where each participating team would create a their army (Bots) which will play against each other in the battlefield (the Game server).The surviving champion takes the glory and the prize. Like mentioned earlier this would be an “onsite” competition and not “online” competition.

2. Hack a Planet : In another challenge through a labyrinth of hacks on a web distributed servers, the hacker would have to find his way to a mobile botnet and take complete control of it. Like the previous challenge this competition would be “onsite” as well and the people would have to bring in their system to connect to the server.

Win over $2000 in each competition. Read More!!

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